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Apply and Complete

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Users of the app can see all their work orders in the field, in an easy to use interface. Multiple filter and sorting options available to organize the work the way they need it.

Application is easy with one click start and stop right on the map. Entered completion data is streamlined with the auto-load weather feature. Once finished your completion data is automatically synced back into AgSync and ready for processing. The swath feature enables operators to track spray movement and send the data back to AgSync for as-applied maps. This eliminates the need for sending log files back to office, the results are gathered from the apps gps location at time of appliation. In addition Operator Pro users can review their own completed field records and edit if necessary.

Send up to the minute alerts on when fields are being sprayed and when they are completed. As you work in the app and the field status changes, AgSync will send emails and texts to your customers anywhere. Keep everyone in the know even when you aren't in the office.

  • Orders listed by field, no need to open tasks.
  • Air or ground mode.
  • Satellite map or roads map.
  • Zoom to location.
  • On-site weather.
  • Weather overlay on map.
  • See all orders in list.
  • Application Window icon - quickly see days left to apply.
  • Priority Number - helps to orgainze order list.
  • Total area per order.
  • Lat/Lon, PLSS information.
  • Product summary.
  • Re-assign order to other personnel.
  • Send controller and pdf files to Dropbox.
  • Navigation to field.
  • Easy one touch start and finish application.
  • Pause and continue field application.
  • Easy order completion entry.
  • Auto load weather data into completion.
  • Edit or change product in app.
  • View completed field reports.
  • Edit completed field reports. (once verified, report can not be edited)

Start Application
operator pro start application
Complete Field Application Details
operator pro completion
Add or Edit Product
operator pro change product

Product Delivery & Loading

scouting app office screen

NAVIGATION Inside the app you can navigate to the field with air or turn-by-turn ground directions. Choose to use the OperatorPRO map or your device's navigation app to activate voice navigation.

PERSONNEL & EQUIPMENT TRACKING - Viewing your personnel and equipment during application gives you the power to manage your crew as work is being done. The app helps the office by linking the assets in the field back to the back office thru the AgSync asset tracking interface. Assets show active or inactive based on their status and activity. Stay informed on all your field activity so you can make informed decisions in your dispatching.

  • Air or Ground Settings
  • Turn by turn directions

View Orders
operator pro start application
Track Driver Location
operator pro start application

Blend Calculator & Ticket

crop scouting app mobile device

Know immediately which orders on the list are completed, in-process or need started. The color coded icons indicate order status in the app. Inside the AgSync side, the easy to see color coding of orders makes it simple and fast to see what work is ready to be finalized and invoiced. No need to wait for paper records and data entry. All the data is synced back in the system and you can invoice immediately.
ORDER STATUS Agribusinesses can know in real-time the status of the work orders whether in-process, partially complete, or completed. As work is completed in the app by the application personnel, the AgSync system receives that information and updates the orders in AgSync.


Operator PRO Blending

  • Create blends per order or per task
  • Edit blends.
  • Print (email) blends.

These devices have been tested and are approved for best use of the app.

  • Apple iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Requires iOS 10 or later.
  • Android Devices - Require OS 6.0 or later.

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Available for Apple and Android Devices